"Nature doesn't hurry, yet everything is accomplished" - Lao Tzu

The Healing Process (aka: The Healing Crisis)

What it is typically called a “healing crisis”, is truly not a crisis.  It can be an uncomfortable challenge at times; but to call the healing process a crisis is creating a framework for failure.  Our words in relationship to our healing are very powerful. The thoughts and words we choose to attach to healing sets the course of our healing. The word ‘crisis’ is defined as intense trouble or danger. But rarely is there any danger when one begins the healing process.  It is the natural process to return to health.   In fact, it should be a welcome sign that your treatment was effective.  It’s not unusual for the symptoms we have experienced to reverse themselves and be re-experienced. If the symptoms are new, then your body is restructuring itself to be in an even better state of health then before your condition came about.

What makes healing a crisis is not understanding how the process of healing can bring up temporary discomforts.  It’s this lack of awareness and preparation for the possibility of uncomfortable symptoms to occur where we get ourselves into trouble.  What also adds to the ‘crisis’ is the misunderstanding that healing should instantly happen.  I find this very often in my own practice where people show up for a visit expecting a complete miracle.  Sadly, these types of clients tend to do one visit with one provider, then move on to the next provider expecting the same results.  Very rarely do they get better.  Even if they do get better, the healing is only temporary. So, in order to set yourself up for success, begin by reframing the term ‘healing crisis’ into a ‘healing response’ or ‘healing process’. Also, come with an understanding that you need to commit to the process and that it will take time to heal.

Healing is never a magi pill.

For best results, after your sessions, you want to allow yourself time to be alone and to rest.  When healing responses occur, they will usually pass within 72 hours or much sooner.  Your healing will depend on how well you embrace the process, how much rest you give yourself, how well you take care of your body after treatment, and, most importantly, how aware you are of the information that arises during the response.

The signs and symptoms that can occur during the healing process can fall into four categories.  They include:

  1. The Energy Session outcome of fatigue and depersonalization
  2. The release of stagnated toxins that have been stored in your body
  3. A restructuring of your physical body
  4. The release of emotion and beliefs contributing to the state of your ill health.

Let’s address each category, the symptoms that can appear and some insight into how to overcome them.

Fatigue and Depersonalization

There are several reasons for feeling fatigue.  First, the most obvious, is that like any strenuous sports activity your body has just been put through a work-out.  Energy is being run through your body despite not having to exert yourself.  Think about how an appliance is plugged in and yet still continues to work.  Even though it appears to just be sitting there, its still activating the appliance because energy is being instilled and powering the equipment.

 The second reason fatigue is happening is because your body is needing to shut down so that it can go into a regenerative state and repair itself.  If you find yourself fighting the fatigue, it will take longer to heal.  The best solution for this is to allow for as much rest as possible-especially after your initial sessions.

Some people experience a sense of being in a dreamlike world where everything feels somewhat distant or surreal.  This brings up a sense that you’ve been pulled away from the everyday world as you know it. From an energetic perspective, you may be more conscious of one of your other energetic bodies (most likely the astral level) rather than your physical body.  This is because the frequency of our work has temporarily elevated your vibration.  This sense of distancing place you in a state of being more of the observer of reality rather than a participant in the mundane world.  Staying in this place of observer will most likely show you information about your world that will lead you further on your course to healing.

Releasing Toxins

The next category of symptoms that might show up are related to the release of toxins.  These include:

Nausea, Diarrhea, vomiting, acid reflux, skin eruptions including acne, boils, hives, rashes, skin discolorations, mild fevers, chills, and itching.

All of these symptoms are a sign that you are releasing toxins and excess heat(inflammation) out of your system.  Because your body has been activated to operate at a higher frequency, your body is now rejecting toxins.   Due to energy moving, the toxins that have just been sitting and stagnating in your body now has the ability to move on out.  These symptoms can feel very uncomfortable, but they will pass.

When you are experiencing fever and chill symptoms, it may also be a sign your body also be carrying a virus’ possibly even one that has been in remission.  These symptoms are working for you to fight it off and to build your immune system up.

One thing you can do the move the process along quicker is to drink 8 cups of warm, non-microwaved water starting after your treatment.  Just water-not even herbal teas.  Fire and water are needed to keep energy flowing, so this is the purest form of encouraging that movement.

These symptoms can also be seen as a sign of calling you to look closer at your food intake and your environment.  Most likely there are changes that need to be made in in either or both of these areas in order to become healthier.  Energy work will help, but total health must be looked at from a wholistic perspective.  You might want to start keeping a diet journal and bring it to your sessions.  Also, look over the chemicals you use in your home including heavily scented products such as candles and air-fresheners.  Investigate if they have side effects which you might be experiencing.

Restructuring The Physical Body

The third category of symptoms that might appears is related to the restructuring of your physical body.  These include:

New aches and pains you’ve never experienced, headaches, arthritic like symptoms, cramps, spasms, itching and twitching.

When I work on grounding clients, one of the things I recognize is that these clients lack full body awareness.  Whether it’s been from trauma and being overly stimulated by outside influences such as the internet, video gaming, or television, the body is somewhat unfamiliar with itself because they are basically living out of body.

When clients report new pain, there is a good chance that the pain has always been there, but the person has not been conscious of it.   This can be seen as a positive effect because it indicates that the grounding worked. If you experience this, recognize that you are more present in your body.  Grounding also will give you more awareness of how you are holding your posture, the influence of your environment and others have on you and your health.

 The other reason new pain arises is because when one blockage releases the energy will stagnate around another blockage that needs to be released.  Because energy continues to be moving more forcefully after treatment, many of these blockages subside within 72 hours on their own.  However, if the discomfort is unbearable, you should reach out to me make to lessen your pain.

Another issue that I’ve seen more frequently then I would like is other healer’s concentration of work on the head of an individual.  People frequently carry blockages in the neck, shoulder and chest area which needs to be worked out first before focusing on the head.  I have gotten quite a few calls about this and this can create a lot of pain as well as anxiety and ungrounded in an individual.  Therefore, in my sessions we will not be working directly on the head.

The other issue I’ve seen is that a client will schedule multiple appointments with various alternative healers at the same time.  It may simply be too much work on the body.  You may want to look at this being an issue in your life.  Are you over doing it? Are you impatient and expect instant results?  Do you believe that the more you do the quicker and better things will be?

I would suggest that you limit the number of providers you are working with.  Two recommendations I have after year of experience when it comes to energy healing is that you don’t overlap energy work with acupuncture.  We are both moving energy and I have witnessed   my work countering the work of acupuncture.  The other issue to consider is that we may simply be duplicating each other’s work.

The second recommendation I would make is to schedule any deep tissue work or chiropractic services either a day before our session or 72 hours after our work.  I have had clients experience extreme pain because the energy is still moving more forcefully through the body and changes in bone/muscular structure can create unnecessary blockages.

Ideally, it would be best if each of your providers-including doctors and therapists-work as a team so that we’re reinforcing each other’s work rather than working against each other.

The Release of Emotions and False Beliefs

Most people leave the office feeling very blissful, more open and optimistic.  However, as the frequency begins to fall back into your system’s normal patterns of emotions and behaviors, you can experience intense emotions including anger, anxiety, grief and crying outburst.  Any of these emotions are normal occurrences because its coming into conflict with the higher frequency.

I recall one client who called a day after their visit.  They were panicky and very tearful.  When I asked what they were thinking about as the emotions were coming up, at first they said, they didn’t know.  I knew that they really did know, but they were not in a place of acceptance what came into their awareness over a certain situation.  Once they breathed and focused a sense of peace came over them.

Keep in mind when the healing work reveals what needs to change for your life, it doesn’t necessarily need to take place immediately. This is especially true if it involves needing to part ways from another person.   What does need to happen is your personal acceptance of acknowledging your insights and intuition.  But, even then, it’s important to take time to reflect on the situation.  Journaling and talking things out in our coaching session will help to bring clear insight into how to make positive changes.


Spiritual Healing will require you to go within for it to work effectively.  It’s a time to observe rather than constantly being engaged in your typical everyday life.  It’s a time to pay attention to what you have been pushing down that you’ve not addressed with other people and your life situations.  Its also a time to pay attention to what your body as well as your emotions are telling you.  When you taste foods that you are craving, see where the craving calling you in your body. Then check how you feel later after you have eaten them. Do they feel toxic in your gut, or do they give you more energy?   It’s a time to pay attention to your emotions. We typically try to reject our negative emotions, which in turn make us feel guilty we they come up.  But, look at these emotions as your guide instead of your enemy.  Rather than fighting with yourself, embrace them.  Your healing will be calling you to pay attention to what doesn’t feel good in your body or mind anymore so that you can make choices to living a better healthy life.

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