"Making a commitment to heal yourself is an opportunity to turn your wounds into wisdom." - A Wise Person


In spiritual healing, problems in the physical body and distresses in life are viewed as energetic, or vibrational, imbalances within our being. When these situations arise, it is a calling for you to unravel a story that hasn’t come completely into light on your spiritual journey. While talking in a safe space can help bring language to these problems, it is the energy work that moves the problem out of the darkness into the light. From my years of doing energy healing work, most likely, your story will begin to play out in your everyday life when the energy work begins to move within your being.

Dedicating the first half of our session with coaching, I will help you identify pieces of your story that you may have had difficulty clearly seeing on your own. Not having this information has most likely prevented you from achieving your dreams, or you may not have considered alternatives in how to accomplish your dreams.

In addition, we will spend time reviewing your nutrition and how they relate to recovering your mood and physical health issues.  While I might recommend supplements in the short term, the ultimate goal will be for you to have a diet that is natural and not chemically based.

In the second half session, I will work with spiritual energies with the intent of clearing, restoring and balancing your energy fields. My empathic abilities will help identify and balance the areas of your physical body that need to be brought in alignment with your emotional and spiritual bodies.

Many of your concerns most likely have had deep-seated roots from past situations that took quite a while to create-if not lifetimes. With this understanding, in preparation of this work, it’s best for you to make the commitment to invest in yourself during this healing process. While you will feel significant changes after the first session, I recommend that you plan to come for 4 to 12 sessions so that you can begin seeing positive change take hold within your life. Keep in mind that every client’s situation and goals are unique. For some, 4 sessions will be enough and for others it will be longer.

Oftentimes, the healing work will be a combination of techniques found below. This will be determined after your initial assessment regarding the issues you want to work on, your goals, as well as your health history.

The Second half of your Healing Session will be a combination of the following
techniques based on your individual needs

Five Element Reiki™ Healing

This is a unique healing modality that I created which blends Reiki, Shamanism and Five-Element theory together in order for deep emotional and physical healing to take place.  Clients leave feeling lighter, as well as gain deeper understanding of their physical issues on the emotional and spiritual level. This work helps with getting you back into body so that you are more focused, aware and alert.  Because energy work effects multiple layers of our being, your healing will have a direct impact on those around you-especially those who have influenced your need for this work.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Journey Work

In this healing work, I connect with spirits guides to retrieve lost energies of your soul, receive visions, and information while helping you connect and work with your spiritual guides so you can begin working with spirit on your own.  Shamanic journey work is oftentimes incorporated into the Five-Element Reiki™ healing session.

Psychic Extraction Work

This healing work is used to remove energies that are referred to as spirit intrusions caused by outside forces. Typically these intrusions cause pain that can’t be overcome by other healing modalities, emotional problems, unresolved grief and hardship on an individual. While many people interpret this work as clearing demonic possessions or black magic, this work is more common than you would think. One of the most common forms of spirit intrusions is someone you know unconsciously sending their angry energy towards you. Other common forms of spirit intrusions include someone gossiping about you or “stabbing you in the back.”

Transitioning Journey Work

This is another form of shamanic work where guides are called upon to aid in helping the dying to crossover peacefully.  This work is also useful when someone has died tragically, and his or her presence has remained in this world.

Distant Healing Work

Five-Element Reiki™, Shamanic Soul Retrieval , Psychic Extraction and Transitioning Journey Work can all be done at a distance if you do not reside in San Diego.

Care Givers Reiki Empowerments

Sara recognizes the importance of bring the community together especially in serious illness and dire healing circumstances.  In these situations, Sara will provide Reiki Level 1 empowerments to family members and friends who are dealing with severe health issues of a loved one.  See the healing stories Reiki in Hospitals and the Program page for more details.


I was experiencing some blockages, and could not get access to my power. My energy was low and I was ungrounded. I meditated everyday for a long period of time and still could find no relief. I knew something had to change however I couldn’t do it myself.  I went to Sara for 5 sessions, each session was incredible, I felt the blockages dissolving and I could feel my energy surging throughout my body.  Each session was better than the previous, I experienced improved breathing more energy, stronger libido and I am now more grounded than I can remember. I am grateful that I chose to get help and even more grateful that I was able to work with Sara she is amazing and really good at what she does. I would recommend anyone who is suffering from blockages to pay her a visit, you will not be disappointed!

-Richard B.

Sara and her work is amazing. Her work brought light of emotions that I was unaware of that ultimately gave me the ability to be confident in myself and my abilities. She sees things that you do not see yourself, which helps you see clarity in times that are full of unease. I highly recommend her for any problem you may be having emotionally or physically.

– Alexie S.

I have been seeing Sara for the past 6 months, she has helped me with multiple issues in my life, anxiety and having lack of energy being a few.She has helped me change my life in the most positive of ways. I have recommended her to friends and family because her work really works! She is better then any therapist I have seen and helps to get to the core issues. I recommend her to anyone who is considering getting Rieki or Shamanic healing. I am so thankful for having found her to help me heal, I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to help guide me through this journey. Thank you Sara!

– Tia T.

Sara’s wisdom, knowledge, and experience are unsurpassed. I have seen several therapists over the years but it wasn’t until I started seeing Sara that I had a real breakthrough. I am now working through issues that have been bothering me for years and for the first time I feel like I know who am, I know where I’m heading, and I know what I want out of life.The combination of talk therapy and energy work is the perfect combination to heal your mind, body, and soul.

– Susan R.

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