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Seattle Dispensaries

Top 4 Things To Expect On Your Visit First To Seattle Dispensaries

One word that best describes legalized Seattle dispensaries is magnificent. If you are visiting, the feeling you get as a first-time visitor is likened to a thrill. A feeling you can never forget. Marijuana business has become somewhat of a reality to a vast number of people. Today, many States in the U. S have legalized marijuana. Thus, makes access to it as easy as it can get for you. In fact, you can shop marijuana in licensed dispensaries just like you shop for food.

The possibility you can buy marijuana both online and in shops is real. Licensed dispensaries are within your reach with ease. Although you have the legal right to visit dispensaries, here are a few things to expect on your first visit.

Things to expect on your first visit to Seattle dispensaries

1) Means of identification

The law demands that you be of legal age to visit a dispensary or buy marijuana. So, expect to identify yourself with a valid ID on your first visit a dispensary. Dispensaries are security tight and will ask for a valid means of identification. This is a process you cannot boycott as doing so implies going against the law. There is no mercy to warrant your entry into a dispensary if you cannot identify yourself. So, it is important you carry a valid ID along when you visit a marijuana dispensary. The rule is clear and simple despite whom you are in the society. The truth is; without a valid ID to identify yourself, you cannot enter a dispensary. The purpose of this process is to ascertain that you are of the legal age.

2) Know that you have to wait

After you have identified yourself with the means of a valid ID, you will have to wait for a while. The truth is; budtenders are usually very busy at Seattle dispensaries. So, chances are they will be busy with attending to customers on your first visit. So, you must wait for any available budtender who will help to meet your needs. While waiting, you can look around for a better experience of the dispensary. More so, you can interact with other visitors to broaden your knowledge of marijuana and its products.

3) Interaction with budtenders

It is impossible to visit Seattle dispensaries and not interact with a budtender. As a patron at a licensed marijuana dispensary, this is an experience you should forward to. On your visit, you should seek help and ask questions. Budtenders are there to assist, answer your questions, and clear your doubts and curiosities. So, be confident to ask questions if you do not understand ingredients or warnings of a product.

4) Expose to loyalty offer and reward programs

Seattle dispensaries have loyalty offers and reward programs to loyal and reliable customers. It is a definite fact you will get informed about such programs by budtenders. Other than app downloads and frequent visits, most dispensaries will ask you become a member. They will provide you with member benefits. So, ask questions about these loyalty offers and reward programs in these dispensaries.


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