"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being." - Carl Jung

Five Element Reiki™ – Shamanism – Coaching Training

A Personal Update on this Program by Sara Burns,

I didn’t set out to teach energy healing, but in 2006 I found myself inspired to create a program to help energy healers become the best in the field.  I realized from what appeared being a negative experience could actually be transformed into something positive.

It all began while volunteering at Balboa Naval Hospital.  It was sad -and even frustrating- watching an initially successful Reiki opportunity go completely down the tubes.  When we began, soldiers filled all the tables. They reported that they were so relaxed that they would fall asleep peacefully for the first time in quite a while. Many reported how their pain improved.  Many also shared the energy work helped them manage their mood better.

In the beginning, I was excited watching these healings happen. I felt as if I could do more to help people by volunteering as a healer then  pursuing my career as a social worker. But, in time, the soldiers stopped coming.

One reason was because there was a cultural clash between military personnel and some of the healers.  Military personnel were beginning to mock some of the healers because they came in acting “kooky”-and rightfully so. In one instance, the leader of the group was pulled aside when she brought in a healer who had on a turban and middle eastern attire. Soldiers complained that their PTSD symptoms were triggered by this person since they were dealing with their trauma from their own experiences being in the middle east. They avoided coming into the sessions because they weren’t buying the cookie cutter positive feedback after their sessions since they were still struggling with their negative past actions.

Some healers felt it was necessary to give psychic messages to every soldier even if they didn’t really have one that was authentic. Privacy wasn’t given to soldiers when they were asked very intimate questions about their life and war experience. And a few healers took advantage of this opportunity pushing sales of what I considered snake oils- one even claiming they could cure cancer.

Giving false inauthentic messages and hope eventually was a let down to the soldiers. I felt ethically challenged witnessing this, yet the leader had no desire to hear my concerns.

As these issues perpetuated, healers started undermining other healers about the RIGHT way to do healing. I had seen this behavior in other groups as well. Witnessing this made me realize how a lack of truly knowing the fundamental of the healing arts can open the door to all types of conflicts. This made me realize how easy it was to keep good healers down from freely opening their hearts in doing their work.

So, healers quit coming and so did the soldiers. Ultimately, the Naval hospital asked us to stop coming.

Witnessing the power of energy healing, it saddened me to see how this great opportunity diminished.  I spent a lot of time thinking about what happened.  And, I couldn’t let it go.

I also reflected on how my Reiki training left a lot of doors open for conflict.  In my training-just like many others-I learned of the three main Reiki Masters, I learned of the Reiki Precepts as well as the Reiki symbols.  And as many people learn, I learned the hand positions Madame Takata came up with.

But little was explained.  Why are these hand techniques valid? Is it really the only way? If the symbols are ancient, how did they become relevant to doing what they are to do?  And, are the Reiki precepts enough to live by?  These questions-and others-motivated me to take more trainings in other healing modalities, do more research into various energetic theories, and explore deeply the true meaning of the symbols.

This inspired me to create a program that would provide knowledge drawing from the ancient traditions. This program covers important aspects of what a healer needs to consider during treatments as a professional healer. I also felt it was important to instill professional ethics into the training. My intention has been to help other healers create their own healing practices that are respected in the health and wellness community.

This program was implemented in 2006.  However, when Covid hit I took a break.  I reflected on the program during this time and recognized despite my intention, quite a few showed up simply to receive a piece of paper that stated they were Reiki healers. Sadly, many took it upon themselves to capitalize on this experience without completing the required assignments. They would then go to another source who was willing to deem them a Master within a weekend.

I felt disheartened witnessing this. When Covid hit, I was forced to stop teaching in my office, and the break paralleled with my feelings of disappointment.

Despite not having teaching scheduling dates, I’ve received many calls through Covid asking when I would be teaching again. I’ve spent time reflecting on how to weed out those who aren’t serious about actually learning.  yet make it available to those who want to be the recognized as the best in the field.

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