New Start Date April 20, 2024

Five Element Reiki And Energy Healing

This newly revised program will be taught in 4 sections in shorter series throughout the year. The program is designed to create Professional Energy Healers. Therefore, the focus is on how to do energy healing effectively and with confidence. Because emphasis is on creating true energy healers, the program offers the first Reiki attunement in section 1. The second attunement will be taught in section two of the yearly program.

The program is also designed for students to decide how many levels they actually want to receive. For example, some people may be here for their self healing or healing for friends and family. Either Reiki section 1 or section 1 and 2 will be sufficient.

Section three and four will be considered more advanced trainings. These are designed for those whose goals are to dedicate their lives to becoming professional energy healers.


Reiki Section One: $899

Goals: Activate your Reiki Healing Energy, Clearing your Energy Fields, Exploring personal issues blocking your own healing, Techniques to build your healing energy and connect with sources.

  • Receive Reiki Level 1 Attunement
  • Spiritual Practices to strengthen build connection with universal energy
  • 2 Private energy healing sessions to accelerate clearing your energy ($390.00 value)
  • Learn three profound energy healing techniques
  • 2 sessions on Chakras
  • Practice session with group
  • Reiki Precepts and Ethics

Recommended Readings:
When Spirit Leaps  Bonnie L Greenwell, PhD
Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening  Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Andrew Newberg et al.

Reiki Section Two: $1250

Goals: Activate your Healing Energy allowing for deeper connection to source and the ability to do Distant Healings, An overview of shamanism, Connect with your spirit guides in the Upper and lower worlds, to work multi-dimensionally on the energy bodies, perform psychic extractions.

  • Connecting with Upper World Guides
  • Shamanism Overview
  • Calling in Spirit and working with Lower World Guides
  • Reiki Two and Distant healing
  • The Energy Bodies and Healing Techniques
  • Psychic Extraction Work

Reiki Section Three: $1500

Goals: To begin Working Professionally as a Reiki Healer with the obtainment of clients, supervision sessions working with clients to enhance your knowledge,  Achieve understanding of Five Element Theory, professional communication skills.

  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Seven Sessions will be dedicated to Five Element Theory understanding their correspondences including physical and emotional issues
  • The Cycles of Time
  • Reiki Manifestation Sessions
  • Professional Communications

Reiki Section Four: $1500

Goals: Goal: Mood Disorders and Energy Healing, Coaching insights address Mood Disorders, Nutritional Guidance for Mood Disorders.

In this Eight week program we will cover Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Psychosis from an energy healing perspective. This will include coaching skills as well as specific energy healing techniques to address these issues.

You’ll learn guidance on nutrition and supplementation to help manage symptoms and promote optimal brain health.

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