In this new program I’ve put together a shamanic program to meet your personal needs. Each session will train you in:

  1. 01Effectively connecting with the Spirit Directions. This is a powerful part of the work that often gets neglected in shamanic teachings.
  2. 02Connecting with Your Spirit Guides and as well as guides that may be needed to personally address the circumstances you are wanting to heal.
  3. 03Personalized Journey Work where you will be guided in multiple journey’s that offer solutions and truth for your challenges you want answers to. My guides  and I will be directing your journey’s towards your answers.
  4. 04Integrating and applying spiritual techniques into your everyday life that will lead to lasting change. This may include ceremonial work or daily practices to elevate your connection to spirit.

Whether you’re facing a crossroads, seeking deeper understanding, or longing for a profound connection to the spirit world, my program will offer you the guidance and tools that you need. You will cultivate a clear inner vision, a stronger spiritual bond, and a heart open to endless possibilities for your future dreams.

Broadening The Scope Of Shamanism

Quite often, shamanism falls under the umbrella of taking ayahuasca, removing curses, restoring a lost soul but shamanism is the path to infinite possibilities. It’s a gateway to aligning your spirit with the natural flow of the universe setting you on your path of destiny and purpose.  We often disregard the everyday nagging issues that we tolerate, but still feel stuck in moving on from. It most likely can be these situations that is calling for spiritual interventions. Let me explain by sharing a few of those transformational stories with you:

A therapists heals her unsettled new home by healing her grief:

Lorna came to me to enhance her practice by fine-tuning her psychic skills and healing abilities. Because my programs emphasize self-healing in the beginning, she was able to share with me her lingering sadness of relocating to a new home.

There was nothing from appearances around her new home that would reveal a spiritual problem. It was in a great neighborhood and everyone in the neighborhood got along well. But it didn’t feel like home to Lorna. She couldn’t pinpoint it exactly. It just wasn’t “home”.

As I began exploring more about the move, it became apparent that the move was motivated by neighbor hostility in her previous neighborhood. She felt “ganged up” by neighbors due to the destruction of the canyon stemming from another neighbor’s construction project.

From a shamanic perspective, altering the environment without asking the nature spirits of that land can create serious disharmonies to the environment. We aren’t familiar with this idea in the west, but other traditions honor changing landscapes by calculating astrological dates as well as performing divinations and rituals to ensure peace in the alterations.

What bothered Lorna more than the neighbor conflict was her relationship she cultivated with the wildlife from the canyon as well as a particular tree in her backyard. She made a silent vow that she would take care of them, but the forced move caused her to break her vow. On top of this, there were very few people Lorna could share her grief with because, to many, this seemed inconsequential if not downright “crazy”.

As an empath and shamanic practitioner, I understood the depth of her pain.

My work with Lorna focused on healing her grief by Lorna reconnecting with the spirits of the former land and providing a heartfelt explanation and farewell as to why she had to leave. From this work, Lorna learned that while she physically parted, spiritually she was still very much connected to the tree, plants, and animals in that location.

After a few sessions on her own, Lorna shared with me that she felt she had made closure with that neighborhood and felt that the living spirits of the neighborhood gave her permission to move forward in her own life.

We then turned the focus of the work to honor the spirits of her new home.

Lorna believed one of the issues with the new home was that a hoarder had previously lived in the home and wanted to clear the imprints of that energy. However, to Lorna’s own surprise this part of the work didn’t feel needed as much after working on closure with her old home. I encouraged her to talk with the house spirit and begin forming an alliance with her new space.

With Peace restored from leaving one home, Lorna was able to envision new potential to establish her connection with nature and harmony in her new home.

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A realtor’s breakthrough in selling a building:

John was a former student of mine who believed he wanted another level of Reiki.  Because I incorporate shamanism with my course as well as developing psychic abilities. I wanted to understand what he had been doing with his own shamanic work and why he felt the need to do this now.

Because I only provide Reiki Master level to long standing practitioners who want to teach, I didn’t feel that this level of Reiki was what John was needing or looking for.

When I inquired about his shamanic work, it became clear that he had a spirit guide. But he wasn’t working in partnership with the guide. He would ask his guide to go do the work, but he never went along with his guide. So, I knew this was the first issue we needed to address.

As I inquire more about his everyday life, it was apparent that he felt spiritually disconnected from the world due to his work pressure of being a commercial realtor.  As I listened in detail, one property in particular was really a big challenge for him.

He shared how the building was in a bad neighborhood and was a “dump”.  He also added on top of that selling was delayed because the owner had a heart attack and heart surgery.  When I raised the idea of the owner’s energy blocking the sale, John immediately discounted what I was saying.  But after having John do some work to connect both to the property and the owner, he began understanding that it wasn’t merely the bad building.

During that session, John opened more to share that the property had been in the owner’s family for three generations. This too needed to be shamanically addressed because ancestral connections also tied this to the family barring it from selling. This raised the issue of performing psychopomp work to help the previous owners cross over into the light.

Our final work related to the property itself. It felt like crazy energy to me and it was in a neighborhood with a lot of drug, alcohol and homeless activity. Because John had taken Reiki Level 2, I felt the best remedy for this building would be to Reiki heal it at a distance and build a wall of protection around each side of the building.

After our work, John realized that he had all the tools he needed to feel spiritually connected, he recognized that his third eye was truly opened that he just needed some guidance to get back on track with what he previously learned.

John also learned how he can be both a realtor and a healer by helping owners heal their connections to property and to successfully transition into a new area of life as well as restoring the environment through light work.

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An author unblocks her creativity and heals wounds from her past:

Carrie came to me to clear her energy. She felt that she was experiencing lack of focus and some apathy.  She started by telling me about her being alone here in San Diego due to her husband being overseas with the Navy. Carrie stated that they had moved two years ago here from Florida where she grew up. And, while there were family issues, her biggest challenge was having writers block on a fiction story she was working on.

I thought it would be interesting to focus our work on her writer’s block and thought this would be taking a more creative approach to shamanic work. And, in a sense it did, but underneath these creative journey’s, I discovered-as did Carrie-was a deep healing in Carrie’s own personal life.

I started by wanting to know more about the characters of her book and where she was getting stuck in her story. She shared about an adolescent girl and an encounter with a crocodile. She talked about a scene where the girl was on the banks of water picnicking.  Then suddenly a crocodile arose from the water.  But she had nothing to share after that.

I thought this was interesting since she came from Florida. I couldn’t help but think this had to do with Carries own childhood, and, perhaps, she was struggling to sort out things from her past. But because Carrie offered the scene, I felt it would be interesting to help Carrie journey to the lower world to talk with the crocodile. This would remove Carrie and her own past from the story.

We spent several sessions exploring the crocodile, the girl and Carrie. In between two of our sessions, it came up that Carrie had experienced a conflict with another writer at a writer’s workshop that made Carrie question her own abilities. She wondered if she really did have good writing skills and confidence in herself to complete a book that would be taken on by a publisher.

But, the other issue was how Carrie needed to handle big ego’s to get the attention and acceptance in the writing world and not take on role of submission. In her own past, Carrie struggled feeling love and acceptance when her mother re-married a man who had several children of his own. Being a single child, she felt pushed aside from the family.

I have always found it interesting when doing shamanic or energy work how the most important issue of the moment arises to the surface in our everyday mundane lives.  Carries writer’s block was coming from not feeling good enough in anything she did. I gave her time to share what had been upsetting her so that she can piece the experience together and get clear in her own mind the motivation of the other person and what she could have done differently-if anything.

We then turned the direction of our session to journeying again to the characters of her book.

At the end of our sessions, Carrie recognized that the crocodile had been a power animal that had been with her for quite some time. She felt that the crocodile had been calling for her to write this story and, ultimately, heal the loneliness she felt growing up in a broken family caused by her parents’ divorce and the challenges of integrating into a new family.

The crocodile served to take her into the unconscious realms of what she needed to heal. And, while the crocodile appears frightening presenting the healing a creative work form allowed Carrie to be open to the healing whereas she otherwise would have stayed stuck in old wounds from her childhood.

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