“Health can not be fully restored if you only focus on one aspect of healing. You must take into account the body as well as the mind and spirit (or chi) in order to conquer ED.”
Conquering ED
One of the most common conditions I find men come to me for is learning how to overcome stress in their lives. Many reluctantly (often with a sense of shame) admit that, along with their stressful lives, they experience Erectile Dysfunction –ED. This is not surprising, because ED disorder is known as an early warning sign for conditions such as Cardio-vascular problems, Diabetes and Prostate Problems. All of these conditions relate to some level of stress.
From an energy healing perspective, there are multiple levels that need to be evaluated and treated in order to overcome these conditions. On the physical level we’ll need to evaluate your Digestion and Blood Quality. On the emotional level, we’ll explore ways to resolve- or at the very least- manage stress. Finally, on the spiritual level, you’ll be trained to build your vital energy known as Chi, and evaluate the energetic interactions you have with your life partner or create the energetic opportunity to have a life partner.
In these Coaching-Energy Healing Sessions, we will explore all these areas. In addition, these sessions will provide you with education and energy healing training so that you can re-create optimal vital health.  The sessions will include informational coaching on:
  • Nutrition to overcome ED Disorder and reverse life threatening conditions
  • Western Supplementation and Diagnostic Screenings for correct supplementations
  • The Chinese Medicine Perspective on Conquering ED Disorder
  • Exercises to Build Chi to Conquer ED Disorder while increasing Testosterone levels
  • The Tantra Perspective of Lovemaking
  • Healing your Relationship with your Partner
  • How to create Lifestyle changes that are permanent and effective
Upon request, I will activate your Kundalini Power that is a potent source of curative power within yourself.  This activation has the potential to expedite your own healing process within a short period of time.
Kundalini- The Source Of Optimal Health – So What Is It?
Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means coiling like a snake. It is a term used in Eastern Traditions that relates to a serpent type power that remains coiled and dormant at the base of the spine until it becomes activated. We all carry Kundalini energy; but, in most people, it remains dormant. It’s believed that this energy has a higher intelligence.  This energy is needed in the awakening of our chakras, which is our main fuel box of our energetic system.
Another word for Kundalini is Prana, which is interpreted as the vital, life-sustaining force in the body. This energy is described as feeling a sense of uplifted, intensified life-energy. Kundalini offers a rich, powerful source of our libido energy. In Chinese Medicine, this energy is referred to as Chi.
Chi is at the root of our vitality and happiness. It’s what makes us get up and go each and every day. When our Chi is low, we lose are desire to be fully engaged in the world. Under stressful conditions that many of us experience on a daily basis, Chi becomes low. Our natural inclination is then to retreat from life in an attempt to have our energy restored. If life is on-going stress and you don’t have the necessary understanding or tools to restore and build Chi, your day to day activities become a vicious circle of your energy spiraling down further, which ultimately compromises our health. Yet, when you learn to cultivate Chi you not only feel renewed but potent.
Finally, I encourage you to listen to Manual’s remarkable story of healing his ED found in the video below. He truly offers inspiration to anyone suffering from ED.
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