Hamden Epi Lasik

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Hamden Epi Lasik

Why You Need To Choose Hamden Epi Lasik Rather The Conventional Lasik Procedure

Both the conventional Lasik and Epi-Lasik procedures have proven to be very effective when it comes to the correction of laser vision. While the recovery process of Epi-Lasik is slower when compared with Lasik, the final visual outcome is the same for both procedures. A lot of people tend to opt-in for Lasik more than Hamden Epi Lasik.

Considering the fact that the procedure of Lasik has less discomfort and faster recovery process, why should people opt for Epi-Lasik rather than Lasik? The paramount reason is that in most clinical scenarios, Hamden Epi Lasik is much safer than Lasik. It has a lot of safety advantages.

Although Lasik has some significant advantages over Hamden Epi Lasik such as less discomfort, faster healing, and quicker visual recovery, Epi Lasik may be the best treatment option for some specific clinical situations such as patients with irregularly shaped or thin corneas, patients that are predisposed to too much trauma (for instance, boxers), soldiers and other military personals are preferred to undergo Epi Lasik rather than Lasik, people suffering from certain corneal dystrophies, people with very large pupils, and people that have had glaucoma surgery, retinal tears, or radial keratotomy.

Why It Is Better To Choose Hamden Epi Lasik over Lasik

For people having some corneal issues or measurements, it might be very risky to opt-in for Lasik surgery. You might encounter a Lasik flap complication. For patients with such issues, your best and safest option is Epi Lasik. This will help you eliminate any flap complication.

The downside of Epi Lasik procedure is that there is a little initial discomfort and the recovery process is a bit slower than Lasik. However, there are now some improvements in the techniques of Epi-Lasik that helps to minimize the initial discomfort that is associated with the Epi Lasik procedure.

Some clinics have been able to fine-tune their post-operative Epi Lasik regimen to make the recovery process much quicker and comfortable as possible for their patients. So when considering Epi Lasik surgery, you might want to choose a clinic that will offer you the best results as well a much comfortable and fast recovery process.

While Epi Lasik is very important and recommended for patients is because is that your safety, in the long run, is more important and better than achieving a quick recovery. But you should still consult your doctor as they know the best and most suitable procedure for your case.

There Is Slight Difference in the Procedures

The procedure for Epi Lasik and Lasik are entirely the same; there is a slight difference between them. In the Epi Lasik procedure, instead of creating a Lasik flap, the epithelial skin cells on the surface as brushed out before the surface of the cornea is reshaped with a laser.

With the help of modern technologies, an automated polishing brush, motorized instrument, or diluted alcohol solution can be used to remove the epithelium. Most clinics prefer to use the automated soft brush device, and one that is commonly used is “Amolis Polisher.”


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