What should I expect from the healing sessions

Each session lasts for two hours. The first session begins with an assessment, which takes about an hour. The assessment helps us to formulate a plan that addresses what we need to work on energetically, emotionally and nutritionally. Follow up sessions begin by checking in and coaching related to our plan.

In the second part of each session, our focus will be on energy healing. The energy work aids in removing blockages created by unresolved emotions and looping thought patterns that contribute to the tension and pain held in the body. When tension and pain is released, your body will become more aware of what it has been holding onto, which can offer you increased awareness, insights and new perceptions.

My energy work combines Reiki shamanism. Depending on your circumstances it may also include psychic extraction and/or psychopomp work, which helps souls that have passed to cross over.

How many sessions will I need for my healing?

Typically, clients come for 6 to 12 visits, but this varies from person to person. I recommend that clients come weekly for the first 4 to 6 visits because the work builds upon the previous weeks work. It’s not recommended coming for a session then waiting several weeks to return for your next session. I encourage you to make our worked a planned weekly priority before setting your appointment.

Will I need to do anything between sessions?

The more you are engaged with your healing process outside of the sessions, the more meaningful our sessions will be for you. Depending on your needs, I will make recommendations and teach spiritual practices to help you reach your goals between sessions. I also encourage daily journaling and dream journaling because energy healing can bring up stored information you cannot attach language too. Journaling can help you understand your thoughts and dreams on a more profound level.

What should I physically expect from the sessions?

Overall, you will feel more relaxed when you leave my office. Some people report feeling more tired for a day or two, have deeper sleep, etc. Whereas others feel they have more energy, reporting they feel more grounded.

However, it is possible to experience a healing crisis for up to 72 hours. This typically happens in the initial visits. Therefore, its recommended that you plan to make time for yourself after the session to self-reflect and nurture yourself in a quiet setting.

Many clients report they can breathe deeper, have better sleep, feel clearer in their thoughts and have a more positive mood as the sessions progress.

Should I be on a special diet before our sessions?

No special diet is needed. However, I am empathic and would request you abstain from recreational drugs, marijuana and alcohol a day before coming into our session. These can obscure the energetic issues creating imbalances.

Do you recommend other modalities while committing to energy healing?

I honor what you have chosen to incorporated in your healing. However, here are a few things to consider while doing energy work you may not know:

  1. Acupuncture: is a modality that primarily moves energy. I have experienced issues where I am achieving one outcome, whereas the acupuncturist is attempting to achieve another outcome. It can be considered a duplication of services and at worst, it can be counterproductive. If you use both modalities, I highly recommend that you seek an acupuncturist willing to work with me so we are all working to achieve your health and spiritual goals.
  2. Chiropractic work: changes the structural alignment of your body. Because energy continues to move more actively for several days after our sessions, I recommend to my clients to either set their chiropractic appointments a day before our session or several days after our session.
    I have witnessed clients who have scheduled chiropractic services immediately after our work and wind up being in excruciating pain. This is because a structural shift can create new energetic blockages since the energy work is continuing to open up areas where energy blockages have existed.
  3. Psychotherapy: I welcome partnering with your therapist if they recognize the significance of energy healing. The work we do together can deeply enrich your healing. My work is solution-focused on issues arising in the here and now. The work that a therapist offers can be more in-depth especially if they have been working with you on how early childhood experiences and developmental challenges currently influencing your life. Not all psychotherapist believe that energy work is beneficial. This can be counterproductive to our work. Because you will either be placed in a position of questioning our work or withholding information from your therapist. In either case, this will ultimately limit your healing. If you are already working with a therapist, ask for their opinion regarding energy healing and if they will be supportive of your decision before beginning our work.
  4. Western Medical Care: This work is complementary to western medicine and it is advised to seek medical care for any health condition before starting our work.

Do you offer discounts?

As an incentive for you to remain consistent in our healing work, I offer discounted fees on packages of sessions.  Click here to see the savings.

Will I need to undress for the session?

No. But I recommend wearing comfortable clothes not restricting your ability to breathe.

Do you take walk in appointments?

No. I encourage you to call me to set up your appointment. Often people have mistakenly viewed Reiki as another form of massage. While some practitioners incorporate it with massage, I am more focused on the spiritual and emotional aspects of healing. While it does help release physical pain, I feel this work is best met with understanding we will be working with energy to bring deeper insights into your spiritual path. I encourage you to take some time to consider what you are seeking help with on a deeper level than simply seeking Reiki for pain reduction.

Where are you located?

I am in the Old Town Mercado Plaza in Old Town at 2707 Congress St. Suite 2D San Diego, CA 92110. Some landmarks to the building include Pizza Bella and the Flag shop on the corner of Congress and Mason. You can enter the plaza through these two establishments. My office is upstairs past the Chiropractor’s office.

How is parking?

During the week, parking is easily accessible either on the street or in the parking lot across the street. Parking in the lot is free for up to four hours.

On the weekends, parking can be more difficult. However, there is paid parking in the back of the Old Town Mercado Plaza.

Another alternative to consider is the Trolly , which stops less than a block away from my office.

Is your office ADA accessible?

Yes. Behind the restaurant patio, there is an elevator, which you can take to the second floor.

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