"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being." - Carl Jung

Sacred Transformations®
School of Energetic Healing Arts

Sacred Transformations®

School of Energetic Healing Arts

Five Element Reiki - Shamanism - Coaching

Over 20 years ago, Sara Burns envisioned professional energy healers being widely respected and recognized by the medical community for their ability to offer a viable form of complimentary medicine.

Sara recognized that Reiki was a powerful energy healing modality. But she also recognized that traditional Reiki training failed to teach students how to discern and understand the meaning of various energy patterns as they related to an individual’s spiritual issues, emotions and physical health.

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Because this is not traditionally included in many Reiki programs, oftentimes, traditional Reiki practitioners have been limited in their abilities to effectively alter disharmonious energy patterns leaving many to feel a lack of confidence. Unfortunately, this has prevented many good healers from stepping into the role as a Professional Energy Healer.

As an outcome of her vision and 14 plus years of research in energetic healing modalities, Sara created Sacred Transformations® in-depth energy healing programs which includes her unique healing techniques of Five-Element Reiki™, shamanism, and professional communication skills in hopes of helping others to establish their Professional Energy Healing careers.


by Richard H. - Balance Chiropractic

The 15-week Level 1 and 2 Five-Element Reiki Fundamental Program

"Healing yourself is the first step to healing others"

This program emphasizes self-healing and is open to everyone in need of healing as well as for those wanting to assist friends and family members to heal.    It is also the foundational program for those wanting to continue in the Advanced Healing Program which assists healers further on their path of becoming professional Five-Element Reiki™ practitioners.

Along with receiving the attunements for Reiki Level 1 and 2, this program will teach you techniques for:

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  • Purging Excess Energies
  • Sensing the Elements Energetically
  • Balancing your chakra’s
  • Identifying and Clearing the energy bodies
  • Connecting shamanically with your healing guides in the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds
  • Harmonizing the elements as they interrelate to your emotions.
  • Shamanic journey work

Significant to this program are the unique healing techniques that Sara has found exceptionally effective in her own healing practice.  In addition, professional communication skills are taught that will assist in establishing an effective rapport with others.

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Cost:  $997.00


by Brittany E. - Radiant Reiki

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The 15-week Five-Element Reiki Advanced Program

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is also a matter of opportunity" -Hippocrates

This program was created to help students move into a professional career as an energy healer. The Program explores a deeper understanding in five-element theory and how they’re related to the client’s emotional states and life situations. This in-depth knowledge will help advanced students effectively address their client’s emotional needs. Student will be taught additional techniques building on the techniques that were taught in the fundamental program. In addition, shamanic training will be offered emphasizing of work for others.

Advanced Student’s are encouraged to begin working on clients at the beginning and throughout the program for training purposes as well as to begin establishing your own healing practice.


by Jon T. - Professional Reiki Practitioner

Advanced Student’s will be trained in conducting professional assessments on clients, as well as learning how to formulate treatment plans for their client’s healing. In addition, legal and ethical issues will be explored so that advanced students can create their own successful Professional Five-Element Reiki™ career.

Cost: $1495.00

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Reiki Master Programs in Five Element Reiki

“Master: a skilled practitioner who has demonstrated great skill and knowledge”

Reiki Master Programs in Five Element Reiki™ training will be taught to those who have completed the Fundamental and Advanced Five Element Reiki™ programs as well as completing 500 hours client healing services within their own professional healing practice.

In this program, the student will attend twice a month for 60 minutes to review client cases, discuss ethics, legal and business challenges in order to create a successful, professional healing practice. In addition, the student will develop a project that promotes Reiki within their perspective community.


by Rebecca P. - Rooted in Spirit Reiki

Upon completion of 500 client hours and a comprehensive entrance exam, the student will be trained as a Reiki Master. Upon completion of the Reiki Master training, the New Master will be granted licensure to teach Five Element Reiki™ to their perspective students in the 12 week format found in the Fundamental Program and the 15 week Advanced Program.

Refund Policy

The Fundamental Program:

After receiving the Reiki 1 attunement there will be no refund. If the group setting is disrupted by ones intense behavior or the student is uncomfortable with the group, the student will have the option to continue one on one sessions with the instructor applying any outstanding credit to the service fee.

The Advanced Program:

After attending the first class the initial deposit of $500 is non-refundable. After 4 sessions of the program no refunds will be provided for the remaining cost of the program.

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