Reiki and Spiritual Healing

Reiki has been called Universal Life Energy, Qi and Spiritual Energy to name of few. In my years of practicing Reiki, I have come to understand that it is a vital, non-invasive healing modality that blends peacefully, yet powerfully, with other forms of healing.  I...

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Healing Severe Anxiety

One of the most common issues I see is on-going stress that leads to varying degrees of anxiety and depressive-type symptoms. When I worked as a Social Worker doing talk therapy, I felt limited in bringing my clients to a better state of health. This...

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Vision Magazine September 12, 2012 Interview with Sara Burns An Energetic Discussion of Healing A Conversation with Sara Burns Sara Burns is an amazing woman, and our meeting was one that surprised me due to her incredible knowledge and compassion. As I told her, she is the “real deal!” There are so many people that offer help...

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Reiki in Hospitals

In 2009, it was estimated that over 15% of hospitals included Reiki in their complementary services. This included such hospitals as John Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic and Yale-New Haven University Hospital. It has also estimated that over 2.2 million people have used Reiki. Despite research...

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A Mother Heals her Son in Coma

One powerful healing I witnessed regarding this approach was when I empowered a mother whose son was in a coma after having many strokes due to a bacterial infection. The day I arrived at the hospital, the mother had just received news that her son...

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Giving Reiki Heals Grief When Transitioning is Inevitable

Another story that comes to mind regarding families healing potential, relates to a close friend’s grandson who was born with three holes in his heart. It was apparent that the odds were against his survival. Silvia shared with me the powerlessness she felt in helping...

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Union Tribune San Diego Article on Acupuncture, Reiki and other treatments

  Nontraditional practices offer healing therapy and more   Acupuncture, Reiki and other treatments support conventional medicine By U-T San Diego Contributor 6 A.M.AUG. 6, 2013 [caption id="attachment_780" align="alignnone" width="540"] Kayleen Walsh performs acupuncture treatment to fellow student Alia Mrowczynski at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Rick Nocon photo[/caption]   Alternative...

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Teaching Reiki in a Twelve-Week Format

I receive many calls asking me about my Reiki course. Because most Reiki workshops are conducted over a weekend, the question I get asked most often is “why do I teach this in 12 weeks versus in a weekend”. I have been a Reiki Master...

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Discovering the Story of your Pain

My pain and my body were holding stories… In teaching my Energy Healing class, I share with students my story about a knot in my lower abdomen that contributed to my anxiety. In the mid-nineties, under stressful conditions of multiple surgeries, I had a painful early...

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