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The cannabis industry is perhaps the fastest growing industry in the USA. In 2018 it hovered around $10 billion, and by 2025 it is projected to exceed $41 billion. The big players in the industry are already gearing up to scale their marketing strategies. However, for small businesses, or those just starting out, effective marketing is a challenge.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that different laws and regional restrictions mean that most media, including the most significant ones such as Google or Facebook, have major restrictions on developing marketing strategies to gain a foothold in the market. Fortunately, there is an extraordinary alternative: the finest Cannabis and CBD magazines like The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. It is essential to know why The Cannabis Cactus Magazine is the best advertising alternative in the industry.

Why Choose The Cannabis Cactus Magazine?

A Different Philosophy

Most traditional and electronic publications focus on therapeutic studies and the different properties that the components of marijuana have, such as CBD or THC. However, is that really what the cannabis-loving reader is looking for? The marijuana lover is looking for humanizing storytelling, where people share the experience and the benefits of using marijuana.

At The Cannabis Cactus Magazine, the writing staff is composed precisely of people who use marijuana, whether for therapeutic or recreational purposes. They see marijuana from the inside, from their own experience. This allows the publication of experiences, stories, and tales that connect directly with the feelings and experiences of the readers. As a result, the magazine exposes the cannabis culture with a human sense, which has allowed a great acceptance and demand.

Exceptional Content

Everyone has different experiences with marijuana. Due to the diversity of writers, the reader can find a variety of topics in the magazine. How to grow, how to use, the therapeutic benefits, the experience. They can even delight in interesting articles where they will topics from the producer's point of view. Interesting, captivating and useful are just three of the attributes that define the topics. This makes it the #1 cannabis magazine.

A Growing Community

One of the characteristics that make The Cannabis Magazine stand out among the cannabis magazines is that it has its own community of marijuana lovers. They are a growing group of people who share their experience, which allows the enjoyment of the publication to go beyond the magazine itself. In addition, it has different sections that include contests, promotions, and giveaways, which maximize the user experience.

The Best Store

Finally, The Cannabis Cactus Magazine has a fun store where users will find a variety of gadgets, clothing, and different items that will allow them to proudly display their cannabis hobby, and make this a global experience. Besides, as the best marijuana magazines, it has one of the most competitive prices in the market, since the primary goal is to share the experience.

Join the Top Cannabis Magazine

Being part of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine is an incredible experience, and everyone is invited. The invitation to join the top magazine as a reader, lover, advertiser, or producer of cannabis is open, waiting with joy. Join the community, visit the magazine or the store.

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