Five-Element Reiki Interview with Sara Burns

Five-Element Reiki Interview with Sara Burns

Sara Burns, MSW, Reiki Master

Sara Burns had a tough medical experience, with several surgeries that didn’t solve the problem. Reiki was part of the solution and Sara will explain in this special interview for MysticMag, along with the process for Five-Element Reiki and dealing with trauma.

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Please tell our readers about your journey and how you discovered your gifts.
On Friday, July 13th, 1990, I had just separated from my husband when I got in a huge car accident that led to another hip replacement. I had a history of six hip replacements, but my HMO sent me to a doctor, who I came to learn was unqualified. Due to his actions, he hit my left gluteal nerve and caused paralysis in my left leg. I discovered a year later the prosthesis was not attached causing me to have all together 4 hip replacements in 5 years. I also discovered during this time that I had hepatitis C when I gave my first blood transfusion for these surgeries. I believe that came from the blood transfusion I received at the age of 27 years old when I had a near death experience from massive blood loss.

Discouraged with the medical community, this put me on this course of looking for other options to help me heal. I questioned why the universe was putting me through such turmoil and why it had to be me. Years later, I realized my near-death experience caused the activation of my Kundalini energy. My spiritual path was opened, which I didn’t realize at the time enhances karmic circumstances to intensify.

While exploring different healing methods, I met a woman in a metaphysical store who offered to do Reiki for free after seeing my sickly appearance. I didn’t know what Reiki was and she didn’t explain it to me. She rang a bell, blew on my head, and within a day, I felt heat pouring off my hips. I called her to ask what was going on and again she offered no explanation, just an offer to work on me.

It took me a few years to discover she had given me a Reiki attunement. And, it took a few more years to understand the dangers of activating energy without knowledge of the process thereafter. In my own teaching of Reiki and energy healing, I emphasize the importance of self healing and karmic purification. This belief has been supported by observing my students through the years. They typically become angry at about five or six weeks after their attunement for no apparent reason. Later, their egos become boosted to where they have a sense of grandeur over others. This is all about the process Kundalini energy moving subtly through the chakras that trigger their karma and mis-alignments.

I believe that misusing spiritual practices without understanding their effects on karma is one of the causes of chaos we’re seeing in the world today. Although I am aware of this and teach this, it’s still easy to get caught up reacting to life circumstances rather than stepping outside of the situation and asking if this is due to my karma.

It’s troublesome to me that a lot of people are doing weekend workshops and don’t have this understanding. I do feel that the Reiki movement has been abusive for this reason. I’ve also encountered Reiki book authors who don’t have an actual Reiki practice and travel worldwide for a few days to teach without offering on-going guidance during their students purification process. Simply because they don’t understand themselves.

When COVID hit, I took a step back from teaching to reflect on teaching Reiki. My mission has always been to bring more professionals into the world with full knowledge on energy healing. I recognize that many of my own students just came for the certificate and didn’t take the teachings seriously. So, I decided I would only teach a select few who demonstrate they genuinely are here to heal. That process of approval is more stringent and pricing was raised as to the true value of what the one year mentorship should have been all along. Originally, I set my training fees lower because I felt anyone should have this ability. But, I don’t believe that anymore. Many people are not on their journey to genuinely heal others, but rather to claim they are powerful.

I’m very curious about Five-Element Reiki. What is it specifically and what are the differences from the more traditional forms of Reiki?
Energy follows very specific pathways within the meridians, just like in acupuncture. When there’s an imbalance, those flows will not work the same way. Eastern traditions honor the five elements being stored in specific organs of the body. They correspond with physical illnesses but also the emotions: the liver stores anger, the spleen stores worry, the kidneys store fear, the lung stores grief and the heart stores joy which can lead to mania.

Understanding that emotions create certain energetic flows enables me to alter those energies, which leads to healing. Conversing with clients about their issues also helps to integrate the energies. Because, again, without that, just like Kundalini activations, their karma will be activated after the sessions. The goal is to work with the pieces of their life situations that arise after the session to guide them into being spiritually aligned with their purpose.

Being very empathic, I can pretty well feel the emotions, their blockages as well as spirit intrusions. This ability is my tool for doing and completing the work on my clients.

Once you learn and feel the energy flows through your own purification process, you don’t need to look at someone else’s directions on how to perform a healing. Five-Element Reiki is a dynamic process that allows you to understand the source of disharmonies and provides an understanding of how to balance with the elements.,

What are the most common issues or concerns that people bring to you?
I worked with rape and domestic violence in my social work background and I came from a place of trauma in my childhood, so people struggling with those matters are close to to my heart.

I also see that there is an epidemic with antidepressants. I cannot legally tell somebody to get off their antidepressants, but people are like walking zombies and don’t feel anymore. Sometimes, they face a lot of anxiety and irritability when trying to get off of those medications. This can all be managed by moving the energies in the body. But doctors don’t honor energy healing so they keep people on them for life.

I’ve been able to get people off of these medications who have been on these things since childhood. The medication is a chemical going through the liver. When getting off, the liver energy aggressively rises, so I clear body blockages to let it flow back down the body properly again. I’ve had amazing results with that. Addressing nutrition also plays an important role in nourishing healing mood disorders.

Do you have a special message for our audience in these challenging times?
First of all, I’ve mentioned nutrition. There’s been some misinformation about eating a plant-based diet that is causing a lot of health issues. We have to come back to a place and understand that we’re animals and that we do need meat in our diets that includes fat, because our brains are 90% fat and we need that.

Because of our poor nutrition and the misuse of spiritual practices, as I was saying earlier, there is a lot of anger in the world. We have to start coming back to ourselves and seeing, if you’ve done any spiritual work, that whatever you’re reacting to is really your own karma that you’re needing to work through.

The one other piece about that is — and I’m going to sound like a conspiracy theorist – but there are many sources out there pitting us against one another. So, be very careful about being angry at people because of different political affinities, ethnic background and other personal traits.

Trying to find a common meeting point as to what others are struggling with. Most likely it will be easy to find. They may just be getting another source of misinformation. Please focus on healing those differences you have with people you think are opposite of you. And continue to purify your own Karma.

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