Healing Severe Anxiety

Healing Severe Anxiety

One of the most common issues I see is on-going stress that leads to varying degrees of anxiety and depressive-type symptoms. When I worked as a Social Worker doing talk therapy, I felt limited in bringing my clients to a better state of health. This is because talk therapy does not effectively connect feelings in the body with emotions. In energy work, I notice many clients with anxiety even being unaware of pain when the Reiki treatments begin. Yet, by moving through the bodies energy blockages, most people quickly learn what their feelings feel like and learn techniques to move discomfort energetically.

One of the most remarkable cases I witnessed was when a student started my Reiki-Energy Healing class. After I gave her the Reiki Empowerment, I found after 15 minutes that she was sitting in the same position she held during the empowerment. I asked her if she was ok and she calmly stated, “I forgot to tell you, I have Conversion Disorder.” Coming from a psycho-therapeutic background, I knew that Conversion Disorder was an anxiety disorder. But coming from an Energetic Healing background, I was able to help her move through the episode in a matter of minutes.

As frightening as this might be for some individuals, I took it as a positive sign because I was able to identify what she would need for her healing. This allowed me to teach her a variety of healing techniques and coping skills that ultimately led her towards recovery. The program went through the holidays and this student needed to visit family back east. She reported to me that with an interaction with a relative she began feeling the onset of paralysis. But, to her own surprise, she was able to manage her energy allowing her to avoid a full blown onset of her previously debilitating condition. It became apparent to her that the managing of her energy was more effective than the medication she had been on for years. While her story demonstrates an extreme anxiety condition, it truly reflects the power of energy work in regards to its impact on our emotional states.

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