Giving Reiki Heals Grief When Transitioning is Inevitable

Giving Reiki Heals Grief When Transitioning is Inevitable

Another story that comes to mind regarding families healing potential, relates to a close friend’s grandson who was born with three holes in his heart. It was apparent that the odds were against his survival. Silvia shared with me the powerlessness she felt in helping her daughter and grandson. At the time, I would not have considered her an open individual to alternative healing methods. But out of deep concern over the situation, I offered to give her a Reiki empowerment so that she could give Reiki to her grandson. Without knowing her reaction to the offer, I was happily surprised when she eagerly agreed to the opportunity. This taught me to never withhold from making the offer of sharing Reiki healing, especially in times of deep need. For many people, the empowerment is a life altering experience. In Silivia’s case, she stated she did not want the moment to end, because she never had experienced such a blissful state of peace.

Weeks later, I learned that her grandson did die peacefully. It wasn’t until speaking to her at the funeral that Silvia shared her sense of completion over her grandson’s transitioning. Because she was able to do Reiki on him every day, I believe her efforts made his transition peaceful. In this work, sometimes the outcome of healing does occur with the individual transitioning. This is not seen as a bad thing as we need to understand that all life ends, and in some cultures, death is viewed as liberation. What is important, however, is how the process of dying is handled. When families have the ability to ease the suffering, the sense of regret for families can be greatly reduced and the grieving process lessened by the understanding assurance that they were able to provide comfort and aid to their loved one.

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