Discovering the Story of your Pain

Discovering the Story of your Pain

My pain and my body were holding stories…

In teaching my Energy Healing class, I share with students my story about a knot in my lower abdomen that contributed to my anxiety. In the mid-nineties, under stressful conditions of multiple surgeries, I had a painful early childhood memory come into my awareness. As painful as it was, the irony was that the knot I carried for years went away. The gift of that experience was learning that my pain and my body were holding stories and information I needed to know in order to heal. This lesson led me to becoming an energy healer.

In our society, when we get pain, we have been taught to run to a doctor for a pill and try everything possible to get rid of it immediately. Many of my clients know my feelings on EFT attempting to do the same thing…to get rid of something-to disconnect from the pain- without getting to the root cause of understanding how it got there in the first place. Many people initially see these approaches as miracles only to discover that in the long run their tension and pain return, causing the vicious cycle of suppressing then exhibiting pain. With medication, this commonly leads to other problems and side-effects that encourage the spiraling down in our vitality and health.

So, next time your pain is screaming or your illness is keeping you down, and before attempting to disconnect from your pain or illness, try embracing it instead. Find a quiet space and with your mind’s eye tap into the source of the pain. Talk to it and ask the pain why it has shown and how you can take care of it. Treat it as a child you love trying to get your attention and take a moment to listen. You might actually be able to remove this pain simply by listening, observing and honoring your pains message and by meeting its need rather than pushing it down.

Wishing you good health and happiness.

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