A Mother Heals her Son in Coma

A Mother Heals her Son in Coma

One powerful healing I witnessed regarding this approach was when I empowered a mother whose son was in a coma after having many strokes due to a bacterial infection. The day I arrived at the hospital, the mother had just received news that her son would be transferred to a facility for him to live out his life in a vegetative state. The mother looked exhausted and depleted. But she vowed that she would heal him through their heart bond with her loving energy. When she shared this, she had been working on him for well over a week with very little results. His arms were beginning to contract, yet he did seem to be distantly present despite the doctor’s medical evaluation.

When I gave her the empowerment, her energy instantly became vibrant. She felt energized and restored. Shortly after giving her the empowerment, I began teaching and demonstrating ways for her to work with the energy on her son. She commented on how easily the energy seemed to now flow from her without exhausting her own energy. Even to my surprise, we were able to get her son’s arms straightened out normally within 10 minutes of treatment. I didn’t see them in person after this experience since he was transported across the country. But the following year, I learned that while he was still quadriplegic he was attending school for pre-law and able to go to church. I’m sure this mother included everything she possibly could in order to promote his healing. But what is important to realize is that because of the immense love for her son, her conviction and her availability, she truly was the best healing source in providing Reiki energy to her son.

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