"As knowledge increases, wonder deepens." - Charles Morgan

The Price You Pay for Managing Pain

For those who do not my “story”, I spent the earlier years of my life undergoing numerous surgries which included 10 total hip replacements. One surgery left me with slight paralysis in my left hip and as a product of a few of those surgeries,...

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Discovering the Story of your Pain

My pain and my body were holding stories… In teaching my Energy Healing class, I share with students my story about a knot in my lower abdomen that contributed to my anxiety. In the mid-nineties, under stressful conditions of multiple surgeries, I had a painful early...

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Moving Anger Toward Inner Peace

Achieving inner peace requires honesty. Being honest about who you are, and the negative (very human) emotions we carry, especially anger. Inner Peace cannot be achieved by denying or suppressing anger. This does not mean you should lash out at people; but, going to a...

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